Sealed urn inadvertently dropped off at Winnipeg thrift store: police

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg police are looking for the owner of a sealed urn that was dropped off at a thrift store over the weekend.

Police said it is believed the urn was inadvertently dropped off or brought to the thrift store by someone other than its owner.

The urn is a wooden box with gold handles, and a silver and black cross on top.

Const. Jay Murray said police are hoping to talk with rightful owners.

“It’s certainly very unusual. I can only imagine some of the items that are dropped off at thrift stores. This one a little more unusual than what they have seen in the past,” said Murray.

“We just want to ensure that this urn isn’t missing, that somebody isn’t looking for it, that it hasn’t been stolen at any point.”

Murray said they aren’t able to look inside the urn as it has been sealed, and officers aren’t ruling out that it may have been stolen.

“We are hoping that it’s unique enough that somebody will recognize this urn and be able to provide us with some information.”

He said if officers don’t have to open the urn, they don’t want to, as it appears it was custom-made.

If this urn belongs to you, or if you have information about the urn’s owner, police are asking you to call the Evidence Control Unit at 204-986-6280.

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