Super-Spike returns to Winnipeg

Western Canada’s largest outdoor volleyball tournament is back this summer after a 2-year break due to COVID-19.

It will be Super-Spike’s nineteenth edition, but with nearly three years in between tournaments, there were not any guarantees it would return at all.

“Our core demographic is really younger adults, we’ll call them 18-32, and we know that a big segment of ours might have aged out,” said Greg Paseshnik, event general manager for Super-Spike. “There will be 18-21-year-olds come this summer that have never been to Super-Spike before and we were like do we still want to put one on?”

After discussions with partners and sponsors, the decision was made to move forward in 2022. This year’s event continues with Ultimate Frisbee as a side sport, a weekend-long concert series and volleyball all set in a festival atmosphere.

The tournament itself was born as a fundraiser for the national volleyball teams that once called Winnipeg home. Since the national teams have relocated, money raised now goes to Volleyball Manitoba.

“It’s such an integral piece of Winnipeg summers and it’s ingrained into the community”, said Paseshnik. “Manitobans love volleyball, they love the outdoors in the summertime, they love live music and they love to drink booze outside why can’t we combine all those into one.”

This year’s musical theme is dance and pop with Canadian stars Delaney Jane and Rêve headlining the main stage.

Team registration can be done online as can purchases for non-tournament weekend passes.

The tournament is set for July 22nd & 23rd at Maple Grove Rugby Park.

“Just hearing from a lot of our regulars and people in the community are just so excited to get back to somewhat of a norm post-pandemic and Super-Spike is going to a bug piece of that once again,” Paseshnik said.

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