Swimming not recommended at Ninette Beach: Province

The province is recommending swimmers avoid Ninette Beach on Pelican Lake this weekend due to high algae toxin levels.

The weekly provincial beach report says an algae toxin advisory was issued for Ninette Beach after concentrations of the algal toxin microcystin were found to be “well above the recreational water quality levels.”

“Swimming, drinking, or other contact with the water at Ninette Beach is not recommended at this time,” the advisory states.

Algal blooms were also sampled at beaches along Lake Winnipeg.

A high count of blue-green algae cells were found at Plum Coulee Beach and Patricia Beach, but the province says concentrations of microcystin were below the recreation objective. First level algae advisory signs have been posted at both beaches.

People are reminded to avoid swimming in or drinking water where severe algal blooms are visible and to prevent pets from drinking water along the shoreline.

More information can be found online.

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