‘The audience just went wild’: Local choir performs with The Eagles on stage at Winnipeg concert

A Winnipeg choir felt more like rock stars Friday night after performing on stage with The Eagles at Canada Life Centre.

Horizon Choir was invited to perform with the iconic band during the Winnipeg stop of their Hotel California 2022 Tour, which features the band playing the titular album in its entirety.

Horizon Artistic Director Johanna Hildebrand said the choir performed part of the song “The Last Resort,” which closed out the first act.

“I think because of COVID protocols, we were not able to rehearse with the band, or the choir wasn’t in fact able to go on stage before the actual event,” Hildebrand told CTV News Winnipeg in an interview.

“So we rehearsed with the track that they had given us as a rehearsal track, and then it was pretty exciting.”

Horizon Artistic Director Johanna Hildebrand (right) poses after singing alongside The Eagles at a Winnipeg tour stop. (Source: Facebook/Prairie Voices Inc.)

Hildebrand said the choir is used to performing at a variety of venues, but never one quite like this, especially with no rehearsal in the space beforehand.

In fact, they were only filled in moments before stepping out that the stage they would sing from would rise during the performance.

Still, Hildebrand said the choir was cool, calm and collected as they walked out at Canada Life Centre in front of thousands of screaming fans.

“It was really neat,” she said. “They began “The Last Resort” and it’s pretty calm and then suddenly, the choir and a bunch of string players rose up and then got back-lit, and then the audience just went wild.”

Horizon Choir poses at Canada Life Centre after performing alongside The Eagles on Sept. 17, 2022. (Source: Facebook/Prairie Voices Inc.)

The choir, which specializes in contemporary, avant-garde choral music, is accustomed to the adrenaline of live performances, but never quite like this.

Hildebrand said some singers were even recognized when walking through the crowd after the performance, eliciting cheers from fans lining up for beer at intermission.

“Choirs don’t often get the opportunity to be totally fangirled, and so that was it was pretty exciting.”

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