The current status of construction along the Perimeter Highway

Government officials toured the ongoing construction happening on the South Perimeter Highway at St. Mary’s Monday morning.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk said a lot of progress has been made since construction started in this area in the spring.

“We want to make sure we invest in our highways, especially the Perimeter Highway, when it comes to moving traffic through this corridor, which is going to be very important,” said Piwniuk. “The Trans-Canada corridor from east to west, from Ontario to Saskatchewan and also Highway 75, this is going to give us access to international markets to the U.S., national markets to the east and west of us.”

The other important aspect of this construction project, according to Piwniuk, is the safety component, noting the work is removing traffic lights at the intersection and switching to interchanges, which will lead to more free-flowing traffic.

“So this interchange is going to be a 30-year process where there are two phases. The first phase is going to be a four-lane highway which will actually bring traffic over the Perimeter Highway on St. Mary’s and then have two roundabouts on either side to bring all the routes together.”

He noted the highway will eventually become a six-lane highway and he said the province will be able to change the area to adjust to Winnipeg’s growth.

The St. Mary’s work is just one of several improvements happening on the Perimeter Highway and the province noted a functional design study will be happening on the North Perimeter, which is similar to one that happened in 2020 for the South Perimeter.

“(The study) will outline a staged approach for major changes to the Perimeter Highway. This will allow for changes that are appropriate for current traffic levels and that can accommodate future upgrades as traffic volumes increase,” the province said in a news release.

The province also provided details on the work that has been completed, is underway and has been tendered on the Perimeter in 2022.

It includes:

· extending the west service road south to PTH 190;

· extending the westbound bypass lane on Provincial Road (PR) 221 to deal with greater traffic volumes;

· extending Aimes Road to St. Anne’s Road;

· widening PTH 6 to four lanes from PTH 101 to the Prairie Dog Central railway tracks and adding passing lanes further north;

· closing the medians and access to PTH 101 at Road 63N;

· closing an uncontrolled approach near PR 330;

· constructing a roundabout at the intersection of PTH 6 and PR 236;

· constructing a new right turn lane at PR 330;

· reconstructing the north service road between King Edward and Ritchie streets;

· paving near the Pembina Highway interchange;

· resurfacing sections of PTH 100 between PTH 3 and Portage Avenue;

· upgrading and paving the north service road from PR 236 to Lilyfield Road and from PR 409 to east of Dasmesh School to accommodate heavy commercial loading; and

· continued construction of the new interchange at St. Mary’s Road.

The government is also reminding drivers who use the Perimeter Highway should expect delays and are told to drive with caution.

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