‘The legacy needs to be honoured’: Dufferin Gang remembered in Selkirk

A group of Second World War veterans who all lived on the same block in Selkirk at one time or another is being remembered for their service.

A total of 31 people – known as the “Dufferin Gang” – all volunteered to join the Canadian Armed Forces during The Second World War, and they all lived on the same block of Dufferin Avenue in Selkirk, Man.

Now, a new memorial stone has been placed at the Selkirk Legion, 403 Eveline Street, to honour these men and women who went to war for their country.

Kyra De La Ronde’s great-grandfather was one of the Dufferin Gang. She was overwhelmed at the dedication ceremony, “(I’m) feeling emotions that I can’t quite describe,” she said.

“The legacy needs to be honoured, and I’m really excited that it’s in my home community and I’ll always be able to stop here and honour those men and women,” said De La Ronde.

Wayne Bird is poppy officer for the Legion. His uncle Jack was also one of the 31 people being honoured.

“What’s unique about them is that they came from one block,” said Bird. “There’s a lot of other people from Selkirk that volunteered too, but this group was on one block.”

A parade honouring the Dufferin Gang was held Sunday afternoon, with the route running down Dufferin Avenue and ending at the site of the memorial.

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