The Manitoba schools with confirmed COVID-19 cases


Though classes only just began in Manitoba, a number of schools are already reporting cases of COVID-19.

In the Hanover School Division (HSD), a group of students has moved to remote learning following a confirmed case of COVID-19.

According to a Sept. 12 notice from Shelley Amos, interim superintendent/CEO of the school division, health officials have confirmed at least one COVID-19 case who attended Grade 1 and/or Bus #62 at Woodlawn School on Sept. 8 and 9 when they may have been infectious.

To lower the risk, the Hanover School Division has moved the affected class to remote learning. The students will be able to return to in-person learning on Sept. 24.

Woodlawn School, located in Steinbach, Man., is still open, and classes for the other Grade 1 students and all other grades will continue as scheduled. Parents and caregivers of the children in the affected class have been notified.

The teacher of the affected class will also notify parents and caregivers about the learning plan for the two weeks of at-home schooling.

The school division noted that Public Health has access to enrolment information, which will help health officials to identify who may have been exposed.

Woodlawn School will be cleaned, disinfected and sanitized using a sanitization sprayer.

“Please be assured that HSD is working closely with provincial health authorities to ensure necessary measures continue to be in place to protect all students and staff,” Amos said in a statement.


The Brandon School Division is reporting COVID-19 cases at three schools – École O’Kelly School, Riverheights School and Vincent Massey High School.

According to the division, health officials have confirmed at least one case at École O’Kelly School on Sept. 10 in three separate grades. Officials are also advising of at least one case in the Grade 1-T Classroom at Riverheights School on Sept. 9 and 10, as well as in the Grade 12 classroom and School Buses Yellow 4 and Red 5 at Vincent Massey High School on Sept. 9 and 10.

The division noted that these infections were not acquired at school; however, the individuals did attend the schools when they may have been infectious.

The schools are working with health officials and following recommendations.

Close contacts have been identified and told to self-isolate. Even if a child has not been identified as a close contact, health officials still recommend monitoring for any symptoms.

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