The new pilot project lowering some speed limits in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — A new pilot project will be forcing Winnipeggers driving on some of the city’s greenways to slow down.

The pilot project, set to begin in the summer, will lower the speed limit to 30 km/h on Eugenie Street, which serves as a cycling connector to Downtown. Four other Winnipeg greenways will also be involved in the pilot project, including:

  • Roch Street from Poplar Avenue to Leighton Avenue;
  • Warsaw Avenue from Thurso Street to Pembina Highway;
  • Machray Avenue from Fife Street to Main Street; and
  • Powers Street from Dufferin Avenue to Partridge Avenue.

“What greenways are, or what they’re meant to be, are places where people are encouraged to cycle to avoid the heavier traffic streets,” said Coun. Matt Allard

During this initiative, the posted speed limits will be changed, speed humps will be installed, and the city will provide enhanced pedestrian crossing for Tache Avenue and Des Meurons Street.

The city will also be looking for feedback.

“We’re looking to see how it works, how Winnipeggers respond, how the neighbourhoods respond,” Allard said.

“It’s a pilot, it’s a test run. So we’re going to put up the signage, we’re going to see how drivers respond, how the cyclists respond, how the neigbourhoods respond, how the pedestrians respond. We’re going to get data from what putting up signage to reduce the speed does.”

Allard said from there, the city will consider a report from the public service on what it should do for speeds on Winnipeg’s greenways.

Allard noted that for every person who makes the decision to walk, cycle or bus, it’s one less car on the road and less congestions for drivers.

“That’s something I like to point out when we talk about initiatives like this one,” he said.

The pilot project is set to be in place for one year at each location.

– With files from CTV’s Jon Hendricks.

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