Unruly woman taken off plane and arrested in Winnipeg

A 34-year-old woman, unhappy her flight from Calgary to Toronto was making a stop in Winnipeg, soon found herself heading to another destination: jail.

RCMP were called around 6:30 p.m. Monday to Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport to help deal with a disturbance on a plane.

A woman from North York, Ont., became unruly and belligerent toward flight crew when she learned the plane was descending into Winnipeg for a scheduled stop, police said.

Officers boarded the plane and asked her to disembark. She eventually complied but continued to be antagonistic to the crew as well as police.

As she was being escorted away, the woman’s behaviour flared up again and she was immediately put under arrest for causing a disturbance.

She remains in police custody to face that charge as well as one for mischief, RCMP said.

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