Vaccines may be required at weddings depending on the venue: Roussin

WINNIPEG — While vaccines are not specifically required to attend weddings in Manitoba, guests may still need to be fully vaccinated depending on the venue.

Dr. Brent Roussin gave some clarity to the rules around weddings in Manitoba when new public health orders take effect on Friday.

He said for weddings in general, vaccines are not required. But that could change depending on the venue.

“If anything that is occurring in a venue that requires fully vaccinated people, then vaccine status will be required in that venue,” Roussin said.

The top doctor said any establishment licensed to serve alcohol falls into the vaccination criteria meaning guests must be fully vaccinated.

“If it is a banquet hall and they are licensed and this will take place in a licensed manner, then they will fall into the fully vaccinated criteria,” Roussin said. “If it is occurring in a manner that is not putting them into a category under the orders that requires fully vaccinated, then not.”

Roussin said more details will be released when the public health orders are published later this week.

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