Why Winnipeggers are noticing more fruit flies right now


If you are seeing a few more pesky fruit flies hanging around your home, you’re not alone.

Entomologist Taz Stuart said it’s currently peak breeding season for the flies.

“Fall time is a normal time for fruit flies, and it just happens to be more people are home and going ‘Hey, ‘I have a pest in my house and I want to deal with it,’” he said.

Stuart said fruit flies are very quick at reproducing, with a new generation hatching within eight to 14 days. Once grown, adults can lay eggs every day.

“You see them appear almost overnight and people go, ‘Oh my god, why do I have so many fruit flies?'” said Stuart.

Stuart said the culprit for fruit flies in your house is often a rotting piece of fruit or vegetable, but sometimes they come into the home on your groceries.

The problem, however, is an easy one to solve, according to Stuart. He said all people need to do is find the source of the flies, deal with it, and then get rid of the adults.

Stuart recommends using cider vinegar or wine to create a trap for the adults. An aerosol spray can also be used to kill them.

To prevent possible fruit fly outbreaks, Stuart recommends people wash their produce as it comes into the home to make sure no insects are hitchhiking into your house.

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