Winnipeg digging out following snowfall

Shovels have been retrieved from garages, snow blowers are starting up and plows are back on city streets.

The first blast of winter weather hit Winnipeg Thursday night, leading to snow-covered roads in the city and temporarily closing some Manitoba highways.

The City of Winnipeg said crews are plowing major streets, sidewalks, active transportation paths and back lanes on a priority system, noting a major plowing operation is triggered when snow accumulation is five centimetres or more.

There are currently no parking bans in effect, but drivers are being reminded to use caution around heavy equipment and drive to conditions.

Private contractors are also being deployed to clean parking lots around the city.

“It could be a bit of a challenge, but we’re ready,” said Bryan Ginter with Superior Contracting, who says his company has contracts with 180 lots.

Arnold Metcalfe came into the city Friday and was seen shovelling the steps of a church. He said the difference in the snow between Winnipeg and surrounding areas is significant.

“I came in from Teulon and that was really kind of different because in Teulon they got like a millimetre. You pull in past the Perimeter and it’s like you enter the Arctic,” he said.

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