Winnipeg discontinues use of flashing red, yellow lights on evenings and weekends

Winnipeg will no longer use flashing red or yellow traffic lights at less-busy intersections on evenings and weekends.

The City of Winnipeg has made the change to help improve pedestrian safety, said Greg Blatz, supervisor of traffic signal timing.

“When these traffic signals were in flash mode the pedestrian signal, including the visual walk sign and audible sounds, were inactive,” he said in a news release.

“This made for potential difficulties and safety issues for pedestrians wanting to cross the roadway.”

The change starts Thursday and will impact 185 intersections throughout the city.

The majority will be reprogrammed to cycle through green, yellow and red phases, though some signals at locations where traffic volume is particularly low will be programmed to flash red, the City of Winnipeg said in a news release.

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