Winnipeg Humane Society nearly at capacity

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Humane Society is close to reaching capacity.

On Tuesday, the rescue organization said it has reached the point where it cannot take in as many animals as it usually would.

The CEO of the organization, Jessica Miller, said they have almost 500 animals.

This means there are very few spaces for sick or injured animals as well as animals who are rescued from wildfires.

“We are closing our intake to usually what we bring in which is surrendered animals or strays. So we are putting a pause on that for now,” said Miller.

She noted that since the pandemic started, the humane society has seen very strong adoption numbers, but over the last month it has slowed down.

“Due to, probably really hot weather, vacations, lake time, where we’re seeing not necessarily a decrease in adoptions but a stand still.”

She said it’s not just cats and dogs that are available, as the shelter has other little creatures like birds and bunnies.

“It’s a full house. If you’ve been thinking of adding a family member—furry, feathered—now’s a really great time to come.”

Miller said they are always looking for donations, whether it be monetary, food, or other animal supplies.

People can donate by dropping items off at the Winnipeg Humane Society or by donating online.

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