Winnipeg looks to add 16 new zero-emission transit buses to fleet

Winnipeg Transit is about to become more environmentally friendly. The city has put out a new request for proposal (RFP) to purchase more than 100 new green buses.

According to the request, the city is looking for a company to supply and deliver, “heavy-duty low-floor zero-emission transit buses.”

Erin Cooke is project manager of the bus electrification program. She says they will begin by buying 16 new emission-free buses. Eight will be electric and the other eight will use hydrogen fuel cell technology. The buses will be ordered in both 40 foot and 60 foot lengths.

“We wanted the opportunity to test out a different technology and we already did have the experience with the 40-foot battery electric so we know they operate here,” said Cooke. “We really wanted to get some extra time testing the different buses, different lengths to really understand how we are going to roll this out across our fleet.”

Cooke says that in addition to the environmental benefits, the new buses will be significantly quieter, “It’s obviously still a heavy vehicle, and there’s going to be some noise on the roads, but starting and stopping is going to be pretty quiet,” she said.

The funds to purchase the new buses comes from the Investment in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). In July, Winnipeg Transit received a total of $478 million from all three levels of government to purchase electric buses, expand the Rapid Transit program, and overhaul all transit routes.

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