Winnipeg restaurant fined $40K for defying health restrictions; closed to in-person dining


A restaurant in Winnipeg that was fined $40,000 for breaking public health orders is now closed to in-person dining.

Monstrosity Burger, located on Corydon Ave., posted an image to Instagram yesterday, showing a notice from Manitoba Health stating that the restaurant is ordered to close its dining room. However, it can remain open for takeout and delivery.

The notice said the restaurant did not comply with order eight of the COVID-19 prevention orders from Sept. 2. This order states that a licensed premise must only allow customers who have proof that they are fully vaccinated; have proof there’s a medical reason that they can’t vaccinated; and those under the age of 12. This rule applies to in-person dining, not those who are picking up delivery or takeout.

In the Instagram post, Monstrosity Burger wrote, “This country is pathetic and we will lose every last bit of freedom if people don’t stand up now!”

The Manitoba government’s last two enforcement updates show that Monstrosity Burger has been handed eight tickets in total for defying public health orders, coming to a total of $40,000 in fines.

In one of Monstrosity Burger’s past Instagram posts, the restaurant said it supports people who get the vaccine, but that if someone chooses to trust their immune system over the vaccine, then they are still welcome.

“We will NOT comply with illegal mandates that segregate, discriminate or divide our People!” the post said.

CTV News Winnipeg reached out to Monstrosity Burger and the province for more details.

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