Winnipeg Transit Plus bus repaired after photo of driver tying door closed with rope draws criticism

Winnipeg Transit Plus received some online criticism after a picture of a bus driver closing his door with rope was posted on social media.Here is my Winnipeg Transit Plus Driver tying his door shut with rope. @winnipegtransit please explain to me how that is safe or even legal.— Peter Tonge (@peteratonge) May 11, 2019It wasn’t just one rider who noticed the rope and was concerned about the situation.The sad state of the a Transit Plus bus….— X-Jets 2.0 (@mulvena_brad) May 11, 2019Coun. Shawn Nason saw the posts and felt it wasn’t excusable.Don’t know about you…but something seems very wrong here!Transit Plus has some serious challenges that money & bandaids won’t fix. People, Process and Common Sense are needed..and soon! #wpgpoli— Shawn Nason (@ShawnNason) May 11, 2019Nason says he will be meeting with the Independent Living Resource Centre to discuss transit and other issues.The City of Winnipeg’s transit department didn’t say what caused the issue but added that the problem was identified on Friday.The bus was taken in to be fixed that night and was back in service for Saturday.READ MORE: Winnipeg Transit surplus $5 million higher than first predictedThe situation has been resolved, but the city says it is still investigating the incident to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again, adding that safety is the number 1 priority.Get daily local headlines and alerts

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