With Omicron in Manitoba, province urging people to rethink holiday gathering plans


The province is asking Manitobans to rethink plans over the holidays, specifically when it comes to large gatherings.

“We all need to reconsider our holiday plans because Omicron is on its way here,” Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer, said on Wednesday.

The province is urging the public to follow health orders and restrictions, as well as decrease personal contacts outside of households – citing the need to take action based on individual levels of risk.

Manitobans over 60 years of age and those with underlying medical conditions should be “very, very careful” about plans to gather, said Dr. Roussin.

Dr. Roussin reiterated the need for Manitobans to be fully vaccinated ahead of the holiday season.

“If you’re due for your second or third dose, you need to obtain that.”

Dr. Roussin did not give an indication of new public health orders at Wednesday’s media conference, but suggested Manitobans consider holiday plans, “knowing restrictions could be coming.”

“Right now, we want to use this opportunity to message, to give that clear indication of how concerning Omicron is and how beneficial the vaccine still remains and actions Manitobans can take on their own behalf to protect themselves and those around them.”

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