May Winner of the Coors Light Season Ticket Member Spotlight

Coors Light Season Ticket Member Spotlight - May Winner

Larissa Nahuliak


Grey Cup 2019!!
And every home game in IGF Women’s Football Clinic since 2012

Andrew Harris/Milt Stegall/Obby Khan

We live 2 hours north of the stadium, home game days start at 4pm. We eat at Shawarma Khan. Make sure we are at our seats by Oh Canada. And we never leave the game until the final whistle blows. Even during rain delays, we wait, for hours.
Away games are full Bomber gear on every family member and we watch at home, the lake, wherever we are.
We have attended a Bomber game in every West Division stadium, with plans to visit the East.

I live and breathe Winnipeg Blue Bombers! Every room in my house, my yard, my vehicle!
I miss football soooo much and am so honoured to have been in Calgary for the last game played in the CFL since lock down!
I miss ringing all 3 cowbells and wearing my Bomber gear, sneakers and all to the the games.


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